Actionland is the place where achillesgirl squirrels away her cool action cinema stuff.  Sometimes she likes to write about it and sometimes she just likes to glue pretty pictures of shootouts and blood spattered men’s suits into albums.  Guest writers occasionally drop in.  She wishes they would do that more often.

achillesgirl started The Heroic Sisterhood in 2010 as a place for women to discuss Asian Action Cinema.  Absurdist humor and the occasional serious film review about non-mainstream Hong Kong, Mainland, Korean and Japanese cinema is par for the Sisterhood course.   Join the gang on Facebook to chat, hang out, and get the latest updates about new release, film screenings and events in your area!  It’s mostly men on the page so don’t be scurred.

Many, many friends make this website possible.  Please considering contributing to the support of the Actionland website.  Any donation amount is greatly appreciated because achillesgirl is always broke.

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achillesgirl uses her B.A. in Classics and an M.A. in English to write silly things.  She lives in San Francisco and loves history, literature, cinema and art.  She is a haberdashery enthusiast and prefers the company of dogs.  

Contributor Dangerous Meredith is an ex-hoofer who loves writing celebratory rants about the choreography in kung fu movies and wuxia pian (and the odd chanbara). She lives in Melbourne, Australia, and her day job is business planning and writing grants for the community and arts industries; and being a nuisance to managers everywhere.

Guest Contributor Charlie Parker is a sometime reviewer for fareastfilms and the ggtmc podcast blog as well as his personal blog chanbara spurt.  Usually watches lots of Hong Kong and Italian Cop movies with little interest in anything else.  Lives in Scotland and likes cider.

Guest Contributor Crystal S. Anderson is an Associate Professor at Elon University in North Carolina.  In addition to doing research in comparative ethnic studies, she teaches courses on Asian literature, film and popular culture. She writes about Asian popular culture on her blog, High Yellow.

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