Bad Hair: Wang Lung Wei – how expensive is glue?

背叛師門 aka The Master aka Three Evil Masters (1980) has a great cast and some seriously rawkin’ kung fu.  Hard hitters Wang Lung Wei and Chan Koon Tai rule this film. It does contain a lot of kung fu comedy with Yuen Tak and Lam Fai Wong but I just skip those parts.

Aside from the excellent fights between heavies, the best part of The Master is Wang Lung Wei’s mustache.

The Master Wang Lung Wei moustache 2
Please click on the photo to enlarge the glorious details.

It’s white on top and black underneath.  …  How unique.

There are some scenes in which Wang’s white mustache starts to come unglued and flap around a little bit.  I think this is probably because it’s glued not on his skin but directly on top of his own real ‘stache.

The Master Wang Lung Wei moustache
‘And now I’m going to wipe out your whole school…why are you laughing at me? Shut up!’

The shadow to the right of his lip, just below his own mustache.  What in the world….

Also Wang’s cool white old man wig keeps flying up during fight scenes, revealing big chunks of his own black hair underneath.  Wang is a majorly awesome villain in this movie but between the wig and that mustache, his man-hair accessories are a hot mess.

I can accept the wig.  I can let it go.  But no matter how menacing an onscreen villain Wang is, I just can’t believe that he’s evil con carne when his fake mustache is falling off his real mustache.

Really, how expensive is glue?

Shaw Moustache Adhesive Ad distressed




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