I Don’t Know Why They Call Him Shatter

Steve at Chopsticks On Fire recommended I watch the 1974 Hong Kong -based Hammer film called “Shatter” aka “Call Him Mr. Shatter”.  We are still friends though.

I’m not going to make you read about metaphors, the fourth wall, or obscure cinematic references that make me look smart.  In exchange for this tender mercy, I will make you read a long synopsis.

But look at it this way:  after reading this, Hong Kong film fans will never actually have to watch “Shatter”.  My synopsis tells all you really need to know about the film while protecting you from the Stuart Whitman parts.  You’re welcome!  Okay, ready?


Professional assassin Shatter (Whitman) arrives in Hong Kong for some reason.  He is easily beaten about the head by dudes who are scummy because they use guns.

Lo Wai - Stuart Whitman - Shatter
Hey look, it’s Lo Wai!

Ti Lung appears and saves Shatter out of the goodness of his heart.  For being some kind of kick-ass assassin, Shatter seems pretty useless at defending himself.  He also drinks a lot.

Ti Lung saves Shatter 1
Save #1

Soon after, Shatter is pretty impressed when he sees Ti Lung practicing noble kung fu with fellow mouh gwun brother Fung Hak On.  Put yourself in Shatter’s dumb American shoes and you’d be impressed too.

Ti Lung- Fung Hak On - Shatter
But why on earth are they using their legs?  Why don’t they just use guns?

Shatter finally does one smart thing:  he asks Ti Lung to help him.  Not too long after that, Shatter gets yanked out of his car like a not-very-professional assassin.  Ti Lung has to save him from Yen Shi Kuan.

Ti Lung - Yen Shi Kuan - Shatter
Save #2.

But then, oh dear, while Shatter is standing around, Ti Lung is fighting a bunch more guys all by himself and has to channel Bruce Lee.  Cause that’s what Hammer wanted.

Ti Lung channels Bruce Lee - Shatter
Do summa that gachaaaak stuff, kid!  It’s 1974 and we just can’t get enough of it!



At this point I have to wonder where Shatter got his kick-ass reputation because it’s pretty obvious that Ti Lung is the smart capable one.  I admit I fast-forwarded through most of the dialogue so maybe I missed something.  But I think I can watch cliches like “You’ll be a free man… if you can stay alive” at 1.5x or 2x speed and not miss anything, don’t you?

During a silly match between kung fu, karate and muay thai stylists, referee Lee Hoi San calms one of my favorite Shaw villains Keung Hon, who plays a silly Japanese fighter rather well.  Too bad Shaw never let Keung do comedy.

Lee Hoi San - Keung Hon - Shatter
Karate is silly.  Japanese people are silly.
Matching sweaters are not silly.

After kicking three guys’ asses in the competition, Ti Lung wipes two beads of sweat off his face and has to immediately save Shatter again.  Shatter’s been drinking with Li Li Li all night and is totally oblivious to danger.

Ti Lung saves Shatter 3
Save #3

And then there’s a kinda fun fight scene.  Hey look, it’s Sunny!

Yuen Shun Yi - Shatter

…and then even more fun:  Alan Chan Kwok Kuen appears.

Alan Chan Kwok Kuen - Shatter


And wait a minute, why is Fung Hak On fighting his mouh gwun brother Ti Lung? Oh my gosh, did he betray him?  Naah, he’s just doubling up on the roles.

Ti Lung - Fung Hak On 2 - Shatter

We shouldn’t just assume Hammer thought they could get away with using Fung twice because “they all look alike”.  He does double duty in Shaw films too. I hope he got double the paycheck.


Ti Lung’s English accent, which may or may not be dubbed, is excellent.  But Hammer couldn’t resist the cheap stereotype jokes.  Would you like some disgusting Chinese food?  No?  Why not?

Rim Shot.  Sad Trombone.

Stupid Eating Snake Joke Again
Lee Van Cleef won’t eat snake in ‘Blood Money’ either.

And then something really really horrible happens.

Li Lili - Shatter -eww

Obviously revolted by this sight, Ti Lung does what any guy would do when he discovers the foreign devil sleeping with his women: he tells Shatter that guns are obscene.

Ti Lung - Shatter
Empty Hand Kung Fu is more noble and bitchin’.

And for some reason he saves Shatter. Again.

Ti Lung saves Shatter 4
Save #4.


I’d like to think that Ti Lung has a really good reason to keep saving Shatter but he doesn’t.  At this point in the film, the only thing that will keep you from throwing your dvd player off the balcony is the star-studded Hong Kong cast.


The climax quickly arrives, and Ti Lung saves Shatter AGAIN.  How is this even possible?  

Ti Lung saves Shatter 5
Save #5.


He fights a whole roomful of baddies.  There’s Lau Kar Wing!  Neato!

Lau Kar Wing - Ti Lung - Shatter

During this not-very-climactic climax fight, Ti Lung gets shot in the dramatically effective yet non-lethal injury zone (the arm).  He manages to beat Lau Kar Wing to death with his one good arm and squeeze in one last involuntary Bruce Lee pose.

Lau Kar Wing -Ti Lung - 2 - Shatter
Meanwhile, Shatter is helping himself at the bar.


After Ti Lung and the boozer watch the evil bosses fall from a high window to their mannequin-y death, Ti Lung has to show Shatter how to get out of the room.

Ti Lung shows Shatter the door
Now might be a good time to cut back on the Bacardi, dude.


At the very end of the movie Peter Cushing gives a lot of money to Shatter, who walks away with Ti Lung.  Shatter was supposed to split the money with him but I didn’t see it happen and I don’t trust guys like Whitman.  Come on Hammer, Ti Lung deserves all the money.  He did all the work while Shatter sat around drinking and looking foggily at Li Li Li.  The moral of this story seems to be that ineffectual loser Imperialists have the natural right to profit off the blood, sweat and tears of the workers.  Dammit Hammer, don’t make me go all Marxist on your ass.

In my own alternative happy ending, Ti Lung did a little gachaaaaak on Shatter, stuffed his corpse into Anthony Wong’s meat grinder, and walked away with all the money.


Now that you have a synopsis of the stuff that matters – the wonderful Hong Kong cast and their fight scenes – I’ll just throw this little postscript idea into the ring:

why god why
Curveball from Hell.


Oh for Christ’s sake what were they thinking?  I’m completely done with you, Hammer.






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