Let’s Play a Drinking Game: The “Sleepy Eyes of Death” Series

raizoIt seems that everybody I talk to just loves the Sleepy Eyes of Death series. I recently finished watching films 1 through 12 in a ridiculously quick succession, and I gotta say that personally, they made me want to get hammered in a pretty big way. Thus, the Sleepy Eyes of Death drinking game was born.

It would be unfair of me to not warn you that this is not a drinking game for the weak of heart (or tolerance). I seriously recommend using beer, because anything stronger may prove disastrous. Conveniently, it can be used on any of the 12 Ichikawa Raizo films, because they all have nearly identical plots. I’m sorry, but they do.

The game itself is very simple. Take a drink when:

Nemuri Kyoshiro refuses to help someone in need because he’s an asshole

nemuri kyoshiro jerkNemuri Kyoshiro requests taking a woman’s virginity2013-04-16_1841Nemuri Kyoshiro threatens to rape a womannemuri kyoshiro takeA sexy babe turns out to be a hired killer, which he discovers using his impressive deductive reasoning

nemuri kyoshiro matureNemuri Kyoshiro berates a woman by stripping her of her clothingnemuri kyoshiro*Take two if she falls in love with him (women love that kind of shit)*

A woman rewards Nemuri Kyoshiro for his help by offering to sleep with him

nemuri kyoshiro one nightNemuri Kyoshiro gets it wrong and a bunch of people die because he fucked up againnemuri kyoshiro 1*Bonus!* Drink heartily whenever this gentleman does. He’s only in the 10th film, but he’s by far my favorite part of any of them. Just look at that face.

sleepy eyes of death 10There you have it. Simple, right? If you become too intoxicated to remember all of the rules, just take a drink any time Nemuri Kyoshiro is being a total peckerwood.
Close enough.

**Note**: You may wish to keep a bucket or rubbish bin next to you at all times, because you are probably going to throw the fuck up. Drink responsibly, or whatever.


– Amber Skowronski

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