Linguistics Party: A Hero By Any Other Name

I recently rented the film Hindi Pa Tapos Ang Laban (1994 or 1999??).  It is one of many low budget hero films starring the icon of Filipino cinema, Fernando Poe Jr., aka FPJ aka DA KING. I actually rented it just for Johnny Delgado, who plays the villain.  The content of the film is definitely not worth mentioning here.

What is worth mentioning is that the Viva Video disc has a bonus section entitled “FPJ NATIONAL HERO”.  This is a handful of little clips that talk about FPJ’s onscreen persona and how fucking awesome he is.  His costume is never fancy, his women are always lovely, his morals are always righteous, his fighting spirit is always the bravest.

One of the clips explains how the names of his character are always simple and honest.

Hindi Pa Tapos Ang Laban - FPJ

Here is the verbatim narration of that clip:

“It’s a fact that when a hero gets in character he is known by some fancy alias.  But FPJ in his movies hardly need any.  Whether he’s unleashing his wrath or unspooling his charms, he goes by a name that you and I can identify with.

[clips of characters saying some of his movie names]

“Nothing spectacular, nothing outstanding, just an every day man engaged in every day life.  Yet when he’s dragged into the not-so-ordinary events of life,  HIS NAME IS ANYTHING BUT NOTHING TO ANYONE UNFORTUNATE ENOUGH TO SAY IT.”

Um okay…

I have done the math over and over and just can’t figure out what that last sentence means.  No matter how many negative personal pronouns I subtract from positives, I can’t get it to add up.

If you want to help me figure this out, I’d appreciate it.


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