Sloshed Cinema: Three Yakuza

Three Yakuza.

Three segments.

Three drinks.

Three Yakuza


Three Yakuza is an underrated anthology film from an already underrated director, Tadashi Sawashima. Because it’s outstanding, you’re not going to need to drink through it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. I will be using Blackmaker root beer liquor as the base for all three of these drinks, and I’m saving the strongest for last, so use your own judgement, and I sincerely hope you can remember the film the next day.

Segment one:

3 yakuza 1three yakuzaThe drink to accompany the first segment of the film is a spin on a “brittle fracture”. You basically fill a glass with a shot (or two or three) of root beer schnapps, and fill to the top with soda. Rather than use regular root beer schnapps, I used root beer liquor because it’s more delicious. Normally lemon-lime soda is used, but because the liquor is so sweet, I used seltzer water. Add a sprig of mint, and buddy, it tastes just like an authentic, non-syrupy root beer.

three yakuzaSegment two:

3 yakuza

three yakuza 1three yakuza 2The drink for segment two is basically a boozy root beer float. Fill a glass with a couple of shots of root beer liquor, add some cola, and top with a scoop of ice cream. Since I’ve made this, my boyfriend has been requesting them regularly. They are delicious.

three yakuzaSegment three:

three yakuzaThe third and final segment of the film is my favorite. Yes, it’s in part because Kinnosuke Nakamura is the star, but it’s also because it’s lighter-themed than the others, and ends the film on a more positive note, so I don’t end up crying into my delicious beverage.

three yakuza 3 three yakuza 4The drink for the third segment is the aptly titled “Amber’s Revenge”, which is concocted by filling a glass with two shots of scotch, one shot of rum, one shot of tequila and root beer. This is an actual beverage that I did NOT invent, although I can see why you may think that it’s my fiery vengeance directed towards those who don’t properly appreciate Kinnosuke Nakamura. But no. It is, however, super fucking strong because I substituted actual root beer with root beer liquor and sparkling water. See what I did there?

three yakuzaIf you’d like to read an actual review of the film, check out The Kinggab Review (great site, too bad it’s been inactive).

It’s really a shame to have to watch this film in such mediocre quality, because it’s really really good. Despite the fact that I’ve never actually met another human being who’s seen it, I’d consider it up there with some of the best, and it deserves the full treatment.

*Note*: I have been writing this while drinking an “Amber’s Revenge” so it can’t be that strong, right? Or, judging by the quality of my writing, maybe it is.

– Amber Skowronski

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